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Song research related to problems in society?

I need 3 songs that talk about major problems/issues over the last 5 year. The songs can be what ever genre possible. And for those of you who think I’m asking you to do my homework. Your not. I have to write 3 essays, one for each. I just need help with the song finding.

Programs for learning problems in high school, are there those?

So I’m writing an essay about High school educational system, and what is good in it. I am saying about how there are many programs for students who are advanced such as AP, IB, and duel-enrollment. But I also want to say that the education system cares for students who are having learning troubles. Are […]

Can anyone proofread and fix the problems in this essay?

I’m writing an essay for my LA class, and as I read it over myself I found a lot of mistakes. There were a lot of spelling and error of usage in my writing. could anyone look over it and fix the mistakes for me please that would greatly help, also I noticed that I […]

I am having writing problems. writing assignments/stories/essays etc.?

i fear that the ppl who will read it will think im being silly or stupid. like im not a good writer.i am studying english literature. i know im good in the subject and can write admirable stuff. but every time i sit down to write, the first thing that comes to my mind is […]

9.06 solving real world problems please help me please !?

Arianna kicks a soccer ball off the ground and into the air with an initial velocity of 42 feet per second. Assume the starting height of the ball is 0 feet. Approximately, how long does it take until the soccer ball hits the ground again? 1.3 secs 2.6 secs 16.0 secs 27.6 secsQuestion 2 (Multiple […]

Helpp pls…. essay problems?

we’re tasked to write an argument essay… i already have my topic.. my topic is all about “gas price hike”….. i know it’s a good topic…. but the problem is i actually don’t know how to make it an argument essay… what would i write about so i can make it an argument one…. we […]


i was on word pad typing an essay on my laptop. i put it on a usb thingy and opened it on my home computer. i copy and pasted it to word perfect and was workin on it. i was putting finishing touches on it this morning when a thing came up and said that […]

My mom always compares me with my sister? + my problems with school?

Yesterday I started getting depressed because I knew school was starting again. I lapsed into my depression again and started crying. I remind myself that school isn’t that bad but it doesn’t help. I dread going the next day. I do have friends, We are not really close and I am always afraid of talking […]

What problems arise when develping sustainably a forest ?

i can’t find information in this topic in internetit’s for an essay for my humanities classplease help meee

I am having problems with this essay? helllllp?

i am supposed to come up with 3 reasons for this essay. and the topic is:africa has always had problems, and it doesn’t matter who caused them. The people of africa need to stand up and demand better government. They need to encourage around the world to help them figure this mess out.that is the […]