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Biology Related Short Essay Questions?

I have a take-home science test that’s “open-life” as my teacher put it (meaning you can use your book, internet, people etc.) I’ve figured out most of the stuff but the last two questions actually require you to think and frankly, as I am on winter break, my brain doesn’t want to think about anything […]

Can you answer some questions for me?

I have an essay for a class i’m taking to do and I don’t have much time because I want to finish the rest of my assignments today. I need someone to answer these questions as if they were a manager at McDonald’s. Yea, I know, weird, but I can’t go to McDonald’s! So thanks […]

World war 1 essay questions?

1. What are 3 agencies and explain how they each expanded the federal government(I’m thinking it is Wilson’s 14 points, Paris Peace Confrence and Treaty of Versailles but i dont know why)2. Benefits and drawbacks to this expansion of the powerof the federal gov?3. How did the federal gov. restrict individual rights?Help as much as […]

A few questions about cause and effect essays?

first. does the essay have to be a real event that happened to a person or can it be a fictional event?second. does it have to be about you or can it be about someone you know?

Some facts about factory farming? Please don’t ignore my questions.?

I need to add to my argumentative essay about factory farming. I need some facts about the costs of organic meat and poultry vs. factory farmed meat and poultry. My subconclusion on my first argument is that Humans dont need to torture animals to get their food a few cents cheaper. My first claim that […]

A few questions on the Patriot Act…?

I’m working on an essay, and I wanted to get a few facts straight on this. Since its last reauthorization on March 9, 2006, when will the act expire?Does it violate any parts of the Constitution other than the Fifth Amendment? If so, which?Thanks.

Beowulf V.S. 13th Warrior essay questions?

I have to write an essay for English class, but I’m having a little trouble, I’m not sure how to start.. Here’s what I have to do:Intro: State your opinion about the success or failure of the film in addressing the Anglo Saxon heroic epic traits.Body 1: Discuss the qualities of the epic.Body 2: Discuss […]

Life of Pi by Yann Martel essay questions!?

I need help answering these questions for my Honors English class: 1. Pi combines his multiple religious philosophies and his knowledge of science to survive on the lifeboat. Explain how these specific aspects found in Part 1 of the novel prepares Pi to deal with the fear he experiences in Part 2 of the novel. […]

AP Euro Test Questions?

hey, in a few days i have the ap test and i just took the sparknotes practice and got a 3 and it said that i needed work on 17th and 19th century and i wanted to know if there were any good review sites for these time periods. Also do u have any idea […]

Acheiveing your college and career goals questions?!?

1. Which of the following is a subjective factor that colleges might consider when evaluating your application? (Points : 3) how well you score on a College Board AP exam how you conduct yourself during an on-campus interview how many college prep courses you take in your senior year how your cumulative GPA compares to […]