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Is this a real proverb, and if so what the hell does it mean?

A.A Milne mentions it in an essay, alleging it is from the Persian:’The wise man is kind to his dog, but the poor man riseth early in the morning’It sounds like drivel to me, but anyone who knows would be welcome.

9.06 solving real world problems please help me please !?

Arianna kicks a soccer ball off the ground and into the air with an initial velocity of 42 feet per second. Assume the starting height of the ball is 0 feet. Approximately, how long does it take until the soccer ball hits the ground again? 1.3 secs 2.6 secs 16.0 secs 27.6 secsQuestion 2 (Multiple […]

Procrastination-is it a real problem?

After a very hard week- not talking to my parents, not doing very well in college, losing my boyfriend, not getting much sleep, etc.I find myself procrastinating in college A LOT. For instance I had an essay due monday, and I didn’t even start it till 3am of the day it was due. I can’t […]

English essay real fast please?:)?

umm ok so suppose to write about an occasion where an attempt to help let to unexpected consequences for the helper…any ideas please?thx:)

♦What are some real world examples of this?

I am doing a big old essay for my English class. I made a thesis that was based off the of the book “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut. I need real world examples of my thesis. My thesis, word for word is: “Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle portrays how one seeks entities in thinking they will […]

What is the definition of ‘real’ poverty?

I have an essay question ‘Britain remains a nation with no real poverty’ discuss,does anyone know the definition of real poverty? I am going to discuss extreme poverty (third world not britain) absolute povety (arguably britain-homeless and those who have to choose between rent,fuel/heating,food etc)and reletive poverty (definetly britain) but unsure if relative and absolute […]

What dose it meant to be a real girl?

i have to do an essay and im not sure exactly the question is what dose it mean to be a real girl

What does the “effective” federal funds rate mean?is this the real US interest rate or just the nominal?

i am writing an essay and have a graph of the federal funds rate (effective).what exactly does this mean?the essay focuses on the effects of increasing interest rates.the monetary expansion which began after the bubble burst and the terrorist attacks,caused interest rates to fall and eventually output to increase back to its normal level.having […]

Does anybody get this sexual joke? I’m sure it’s real simple and we’re just overthinking it?

One of our friends has just told us all this sexual joke, and won’t tell the rest of use what it means, so I have resorted to asking it on yahoo answers. and give us a response quick becaue i need to finish my essay. Here it is: A girl goes into a doctor’s office, […]

French Speaker can someone who speaks real good french…?

i want someone who speaks good french to correct this for me. i want someone who actually speaks french and is 100% good at it. THANKYOU–here is the story. someone body translated it for me in french but im not sure if its correct.Quand j’avais six ans, mon père m’a acheté un vélo. Il était […]