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Are there differences between Reform Schools, Juvenile Hall, Juvenile Prisons, and penitentiary?

I am trying to do an essay relating to how effective any of these punishments are on minors committing crimes and what the percentage is of repeat offenders. Please let me know which of these type of term is most correct.Thank you

Is it possible to reform an entire society?

We have a semester final exam final in world history and the essay question is “is it possible to reform an entire society?” I have to examples from the enlightenment, the french revolution, the industrial revolution, the age od imperialism, the russian revolution, and the rise of fascism and nazism. I don’t know where to […]

What is reform epistomology?

what is reform epistomology? its for a religion essay.

Reform Essay ideas? I have quotes but i need examples and events to back them up!?

“Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it’s time to reform.”-Mark Twain’Reform is not pleasant, but grievous; no person can reform themselves without suffering and hard work, how much less a nation.’-Thomas Carlyle.

An elaborate essay on Prison Reform?

I’m writing an essay, and I need some ideas as what I need to put in my essay, I have things about what it was, how Dorothea Dix became an activists, and how she also made one of the first asylums. But it has to be a two-page report. I need to have a page […]

Obama and Debt/Entitlement Reform HELP?

I’m writing an essay and i should explore Obama’s attempts to reform the health care system of America, and address the problems of Medicare, social security and the national debt. Can someone help me to get the basic information and give me some links to the websites that can help?SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!thank you so […]

Should welfare reform be passed as a bill?

Like I have to write an essay on whether I think Welfare reform should be passed as a bill and i think it should, and today in class ppl disagreed with me and said that Welfare reform should not be passed.