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How does the shape of a plant cell relate to it’s functions?

A-level biology essay question

Primary colours and how they relate to printers?

I have to write an essay explaining how to use the primary lights, primarytoners for laser printing, and primary colours for paint to simulate other colours. Asone example, explain how to simulate brown with each system.Where do I even start?

How does Liberal and Conservative relate to Republican and Democrat?

In my essay I need to tie liberal and conservative wth republican and democrat….can someone please help me do that? Im confused! thanks! User tags:thesis statement about republicans liberals and participitarians

How can I relate Oedipus the King to something current?

I am writing an essay on Oedipus the King and I have to relate it to something current but I cannot think of anything. Please help

What are stocks, bonds, and mutual funds? how do they relate?

i’m writing an essay, in i need to know what stocks bonds, and mutual funds, and how they relate. please tell where u got it. thanks!

Surrealism Photography/artwork I can relate to feminism?

I need to find a peice of artwork or a photograph that would be considered surreal that I could relate to the feminist movement. I need to discuss an art peice within my essay for uni. I’m hoping someone could help me find one as I’m really struggling and have no idea what I’m looking […]

How do the Balkan wars relate to ethnic nationalism?

Im doing an essay on why ethnic nationalism is bad but i dont get how the balkan wars relate or what role did ethnic nationalism play

Im writing a essay on 1984, and i want to relate the theme “destruction of human values” to today’s world.?

Its a 3 page essay and i need help relating that theme to today’s real life situations

How does house of the scorpion relate to science fiction.?

i am doing an essay about how the book “house of the scorpion” relate to science fiction. can anyone help me?

How does the Oedipus Complex and Greek Mythology relate?

I am having a very difficult time with this Essay for my Mythology and Fable class. This is the link to the rubric, [external link] …I must have a two page essay, filled with clear concepts of the relation between this Complex and Mythology. For ease of access for anyone who may be able to […]