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What were the positive and negative effects of the Medici family on Renaissance Italy?

I need a good argumentative essay question. Did the Medicis have negative effects on Italy?

What are some words that describe polymaths or Renaissance Men?

I need this for an essay!

What is the significance of the renaissance?

I am doing an essay on the significance of the renaissance but i don’t listen in lessons so i have no idea what the significance of the renaissance is and i have to write my essay for a test in two weeks so i need to know real fast. Help!

How was the Renaissance influenced by the Medici family?

I have an essay due for Honours World History and I need to contruct an essay supporting the idea that the Medici family from Italy strongly influenced the Renaissance. Help? Ten points!

Renaissance: continuation or a distinct break from the Middle Ages?

Was the Renaissance a period distinct from the Middle ages or was it a continuation – the high point – of the middle Ages?I am planning to write an essay supporting that the Renaissance was a continuation of the Middle Ages, since it certainly was not a sudden, clean break from the Dark Ages. Can […]

Is Humanism during the Renaissance considered a religion?

If it isn’t should I still include it in an essay I’m writing on religion during the Renaissance?And does anyone have any idea about different religions that existed during the time of the Renaissance? Thanks, cuz I’m too lazy to research it. A link to a good site is also deeply appreciated.Thanks!

Renaissance question…?PLEASE HELP!?

I have to write an essay in english and she wants us to email her 3 topics on the Renaissance that our essay might be on.. so can u please tell me at least one topic that is easy on the renaissance and has a lot of info..?

What is a good thesis for an essay on renaissance art?

What is a good thesis for an essay on renaissance art? I need a good, debatable thesis.

Renaissance Period -help?

“Describe several traits of secular humanism developed during the Renaissance Period, and explain how each influences our society today.”thats my question for my world cultures class, that i have to answer! and write an essay about! please help me out a little

Can u people tell me about 13th century renaissance food?

recipes, tools, meals,in essay form please