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Hamlet essay help themes of revenge and power?

considering the themes of power,revengeand love in the play hamlet what might shakespeare’s message be for his readers of all time and places?Look at the familial realationships, the freindships the employees-employer to consider each theme.10 points for best ideas and/or starting paragraphthanks

What Does Grendel Want Revenge On?(beowulf)?

i dont know what i kno he is jeoulous but why does he want revenge on the village and people? i need this info to write an essay on the question User tags:why grendel wanted revenge

How does Miss Havisham represent revenge?

I am doing an essay on hatred and revenge and I thought that Miss Havisham would be a great example for revenge. However, the only form of revenge I can think of is her getting Estella to not trust men. I need to go into more depth that that though. Can someone give me and […]

Why is God the only one who can take revenge?

I have to write an essay on Why revenge doesn;t make us happy, but know nothing about religion.

Hamlet? Revenge?

I am doing an essay at school about Hamlet. I am suposed to write about how there is revenge in Hamlet and how it was probaly not the thing to do. I know about hamlets revenge, laertes’ revenge, and fortinbras’ revenge. I know the story the players tell to Hamlet about Pyrrhus and priam is […]

Event occured because of Revenge?

i have to do this essay for my engliah class. the topic is some event that occured that revenge was the catalyst for? can you guys help me with some major events that happened because one side was taking revenge on the other. it has to be abig thing with many reasons as to why […]

I need to write an essay on revenge ?

and i need some examples can you please help!?the examples have to be real, things that have happend