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In the play Romeo and Juliet, how does Juliet make the audience sympathise with her in act three scene five?

i just need a few sentences to help with my essay. i dont want a full detailed answer because that wouldnt be fair on the others but can you please give me a few sentences. thank you for your time!

Do you capitalize scene numbers in Shakespeare?

I am writing an essay on Shakespeare and I refer to “scene one” should I capitalize it or is there no special way that the scenes and acts are typed? User tags:should act be capitalized in plays

Macbeth Act 1 Scene 3 The Weird Sisters & Their Prophecies?

i have an english exam tomorrow and we need to use Macbeth. the question will involve a ‘key scene’ and i have no idea how to tackle the question, for my key scene i have assumed that the most important scene would be Act 1 Scene 3 where the Witches give macbeth and banquo their […]

Ideas or phrases i could use in my descriptive writing essay on ‘the scene in a bus station’?

Hi, just looking for a bit of help that will up my grade for this essay. Would be really appreciated if you could help me abit or give me some phrases to use. Thanks. xx

How would you describe a zombie scene?

how would you describe a storyline/plot that involves ; zombies or someone trying to escape from themor something along those lines for an essaythank you

I have a english essay i need to write how Romeo’s Attitude changes from act1 scene1 to act 2 scene 2?

I am sorry to disturb you but this is my last option as I have tried my best to find the answer after trying this was my last option. I have a english esay i need to write how romeo’s attitude towards love changes in act1 scene1 and in act 2 scene 2. If you […]

Is it okay to dislike the Eighties music scene ?

Yesterday I put an essay on here, but nobody liked it. Should I continue liking Seventiess music or should I dress up as Madonna or Cyndi Lauper at a fancy dress ball to keep everyone happy ?. I’d go for the Seventies

Whats the best crime scene clean up service in chicago?

I am writting a profile essay about this job industry, and im looking forward to being able to contact the company in order to interview someone who does this for a living.

How do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth behave in act two scene two of Macbeth?

I’m writing an essay and am not sure why the both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth act in the way they do! any ideas?

Describe the scene in a local park?

i have an essay to do tomorrow but it is a descriptive scene which has to be described a lot and cannot have any speech in it. Just of what you think when your in a park with camera shots. if anyone can help me with this i will be so thankful!