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Conclusion for shoplifting essay please?

I have done most of my essay now. Its about a 17 year old rebellious teenager who steals clothes for fun with a friend while her parents are on holiday. She is supposed to do her leaving cert in one week but she gets caught and is arrested with her friend. now she is in […]

The effects of shoplifting on society?

i kinda have to write a 750 word essay and im a little bit stuck on word 200.i really need some ideas pleasseee ! thanks!

I need to write an Essay on the “Stresses of Shoplifting on the Community”. I need ideas! Please help me!?

This is not a school activity so it would be helping me cheat or anything…Just throwing that out there. Anyways, this is for my arbitration paper that I have to write in order to avoid court and a record, so help would be amazing. I just can’t really think of anything to write for it. […]