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Why the media shouldn’t have SUPER SKINNY models, HELP!?

i am doing an essay, however.. self esteem is really the only factor i can see why the media shouldn’t display super tall skinny models..give me some reasons!

Why shouldn’t health care in Canada be the sole responsibility of the federal government.?

Consider the fact that Canada is a federalist country in which power is distributed between the national goverment and the provincial goverments. What are some good strong reasons why health care should stay the way it is in the hands of provincial governments. What is the down side of having health care in the hands […]

I really shouldn’t be on here, but when I get back to my project I draw a blank.?

Yeah. Let’s see. I’ve been on the computer since 3 this afternoon. I’m supposed to be writings freaking essays for my dumb summer ap project. But I can’t focus. :[

2000 word essay on why i shouldnt give cheek?

okay im in a terrible mood today because of hormones.i was in english and my teacher told me that i got a bad score on my test and i said ”well maybe i would of gotten a better score if you werent so stupid.” and now because of that one line i have to write […]

Can someone please help me write a thesis statement? my topic is why children shouldnt watch rated r movies.?

its an illustration essay and i need a good thesis statement for my essay and could use some great examples of why children shouldnt watch rated r films. thank u much

“Why People Shouldn’t Wear Their School Uniform” Essay?

Okay So I’m Working On An Essay For Why People Shouldn’t Wear Uniforms To School And I’m Having A Lot Of Trouble So Can Somebody Help Me Write This Essay Please?

Reason that homosexuals shouldn’t be discriminated against?

Ok, I’m writing a persuasive essay and I need one more reason why homosexual people should not be discriminated against. I have-people should be entitled to love whoever they want, that being equal doesn’t necessarily mean being the same, and I need one more. thanks!

Writing A Persuasive Essay On..WHY TEENS SHOULDN’T VOTE. Please Help. ?

I have a speech due tomorrow. On why teens shouldn’t vote.Please If you could tell me reasons on why you shouldn’t vote, I would appreciate it very much. Some of my friends say that if i am old enough to drive and half a job then i should be old enough to vote and have […]

3 arguments on why criminals shouldn’t escape for a “mental-illness” problem?

We’re supposed to an in-class essaay on the topic about criminals getting released because of their mental-llness or disorder. my essay is going to be NO, they should still be punished and i need 3 reasons why.please be detailed and relate to social sciences as well in the argument

Hook and thesis for essay persuading people on why kids shouldnt have homework?

I am writing a persuasive essay on why we shouldnt have homework. I cant come up with a hook or thesis. Can someone help? User tags:essay on why we shouldnt have homework