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I need critiquing on a HS Social Civics essay?

As part of my final test for the course, I must write an essay (worth 10 points of my final grade) based on a news article discussing an unsolved problem. Here is the article I’m using: [external link] …For my essay, I have to think over how the problem should be solved, what level of […]

How important is the right to vote to social and economic advancement?

Just give me some ideas to jump start my essay please.

Good essay words to use in social?

we are doing Globalization and the question is”Should Canada Embrace Globalization”Please help

What is the social sickness among filipinos today?

can you give an essay about “the social cancer today”?

Please help me in my Social essay?

so here is the question for the essay ,You are Alberta’s immigration minister . Under the Provincial Nomination Program, state why you believe immigrants should move to your province . What particular skills are you looking for ? What quality of life can they expect to have ? What challenges do you think you might […]

I need help on a Social studies Essay!?

“you cannot help the poor, by destroying the richyou cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the rong,yucannt bing prosperity by discouraging thriftyou cannotfurther the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatredyou cannot build charecter and courage by taking away mens initiative and independenceyou cannot help men permamnety by doing forthem, what they could and should […]

The social classes of the victorian era?

Today my school has a late start, due to testing that the sophomores have to complete. I have an essay that is due today, in my fifth hour class. I’ve worked on it for days and have all the notes I need, except I need to know the differences between the social classes. I know […]

WTF Does this even mean? Social stuff?

Imperialism, did more that destroy the sovereignty of Indigenous states and societies. The nature of colonial rule itself left devastating social and economic and psychological effects on African and other Indigenous peoples. Overpowered and denied the opportunity to develop their potentials along the lines of their unique social, cultural peculiarities, African countries and indigenous groups […]

Social injustice topics?

ya i have an essay do in a couple weeks but i have no idea what topic would be perfect fro social injustice. here’s my professors requirements:Once you’ve chosen an injustice, be it domestic or global, you’ll need to do some additional research on your topic and possibly some additional narrowing of your topic, though […]

What did Mg Smith say about social stratification and how did he look at it?

i would like to know what did MG Smith say about social stratification and i would like to know what he though of it.If by possible i could get an essay written it would be very helpful.