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Essay on some aspect of the Presidential Election that interests you?

What does this mean? My instructor wanted us to write an essay about this but i’m not really sure what it’s trying to say. Help me out?

What are some characteristics of Louis XIV that are heroic?

I’m writing an essay for my history class about why Louis XIV was heroic. Do you have any ideas about why Louis XIV was a hero? For example, heroic characteristics include: individual vision, morality, wisdom, positive leadership, perseverance, had significant contribution to improve society. If you could give examples to justify these characteristics, taht’d be […]

What are some non-political reasons why the melting pot is better than multiculturalism?

I have to do an essay for a grade 12 course social science course (Challenge and Change… it’s basically Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology all in one). We had a mini essay to show him our research so far and I failed it because he said it sounded like a right-wing rant. I just need 3 […]

What are some important education issues?

I am doing a paper for english and it would help if this issue has articles and documents that i can cite for this paper. Just simply explain an educational issue you feel passionate about and mabe i will be able to share your passion and rather than come up with some out of the […]

Can you answer some questions for me?

I have an essay for a class i’m taking to do and I don’t have much time because I want to finish the rest of my assignments today. I need someone to answer these questions as if they were a manager at McDonald’s. Yea, I know, weird, but I can’t go to McDonald’s! So thanks […]

What are some simple essay topics?

Hi guys, I’m really stuck! I need to write an approximately five-minute speech and read it in front of my HS. Topic ideas? It can be anything as long as it’s appropriate. I need something simple and engaging, and not offensive. The topic I had initially was role models, but I’m not sure about it. […]

Are Americans in some ways brained washed/conditioned?

I have to write an essay help me out?We just finished reading brave New World by Aldous Huxley and My English teacher is making us do a essay and i wanted peoples opinions.How are we conditioned in our society today? Analyze the extent to which Huxley’s depiction of a brainwashed populace in the future matches […]

I have to write a 750 essay and i need some topic ideas?

i have to write a 750 word essay about a skill that most people do not have. If they had this skill they could benefit from it. I have to write this essay to persuade my instructor why people should mast er this skill and how they would bentefit from it.

What are some good examples for topic sentences?

I have an essay to write about technological advancements, and I’m not quite sure as to what kind of topic sentence I should write. Does anyone have any ideas?

Can someone tell me some of the sugars that are in regular sodas that are not in diet sodas?

I’m doing a science project about if people can tell the difference between diet and regular sodas and i need a two page essay with background info about my project.