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Can someone help me on an essay from a movie ” the dead poet society”?

okay, well im writing a 6 paragraph essay and im telling why i dont think that mr keating was responsable for niel perrys death. the only things i can think of is that niels father pushed him to do things he didnt want to do. can someone else come up with 3 reasons..and then the […]

My college essay? can someone look at it?

I am going to apply to Virginia Tech early decision. The essay I am writing now is my free response 250 word limit. I was wondering if someone could take a quick look at it and see what needs work. I know it might not sound so good in terms of grammer/ sentence structure but […]

Does anyone have SOLID proof that human evolution from other primates is true? I need to convince someone.?

I know someone who says that humans did not evolve from other animals but does believe in evolution in general, so can someone please go find solid proof of that being true/untrue? I’d like to just like to have some link to an article, essay, etc.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas essay, can someone help me please?

I’ve done a paragraph on the character development of Bruno, and I’m going to explain his move from innocence to experience later on by explaining what happened at the end of the book. However, now I’ve to do a paragraph on symbolism and I really have no idea what to write. If someone could just […]

What advice can you give someone who is depressed because they cannot get into their dream college?

My nephew’s dream when he was in the 10th grade was to attend Columbia University in NYC. Unfortunately my nephew had the burden of living in a poor county where opportunity was limited and a county in which the public schools were in bad shape. Also he had limited exposure to intellectual people because honestly, […]

Proper word for someone who nags?

because i put ****** in my essay and the teacher said it was slang therefore what is the proper way to say it?

Could Someone Please Proofread This Short Essay For Me!?

I am no stranger to the medical field. The women in my family have been health care professionals of some kind for some time. Their line of work ranges from being Phlebotomists to Registered Nurses. Naturally you’d think that I was motivated from a family member to become a health care professional, but it was […]

Can someone tell me some of the sugars that are in regular sodas that are not in diet sodas?

I’m doing a science project about if people can tell the difference between diet and regular sodas and i need a two page essay with background info about my project.

Can someone give some feedback on my college admission essay?

As of right now, I stand at the crossroads between a well managed adolescent and hopes of leading a life of far greater significance than this part of the timelines allows. Even though with time decisions can make themselves apparent I am quite positive that I have spent the better part of my high school […]

Can someone proofread my scholarship essay?

Why do you want to be the first person in your family to attend college? The need for money to pay the bills, college, books, food, and medicine is one major barrier. My mother is ill with diabetes and psoriasis. Every day she comes home exhausted and lives day by day. No retirement or savings […]