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Why was the space race so important and how did it influence us?

im writing about the space race and i need to write a 4 page essay on a focus question, mine is “why was the space race important and how did it influence us?” i know most of it but it isnt enough to help me write 4 pages, i need help on other stuff besides […]

Help with earth/ space science please?

Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)What is the relationship between atmospheric pressure and the density of gas particles in an area of increasing pressure?As air pressure in an area increases, the density of the gas particles in that area decreases.As air pressure in an area increases, the density of the gas particles in that […]

What are some key differences between “A space odyssey” and “The Sentinel”?

I have some but not nearly enough to write my essay. All help is much appreciated

How did tragedy in space affect our space program ?

i need help with an essay paper (:

Is there a faster way to double space something already typed?

i typed my whole essay and now the teacher said to double space.any ideas?!

Information about Space Tourism Legality?

I’m writing an essay about Space Tourism. Can’t find any webpages that tell me about the legislation process of space tourism. Thanks!

A good laptop to run World Of Warcraft and have more space?

What I want is a laptop, because I’ll be going to college soon. My boyfriend as a gift, is getting me the game World Of Warcraft. I don’t know how much memory the game will take up, so I want a laptop that I can play the game with all of the add on games […]

How many pages is 800 words double space 12 font typed?

I’m confused about my summary because I’m suppose to write a summary 800 words type 12 font double spaced and my teacher said it was 3 pages and 1/2, but when I typed it up, it said my essay was over 1,000 words. I’m confused any suggestions?