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I want to make my college essay really really stand out and be unique…please, any advice?

Your question is hard to answer without any more information. Is this a college application essay? An essay you’re writing for a college class?

What are trhe option to solve us iran stand off on nuclear issue? pls refer me to some good article or essay?

Huuum?Persian do What They want to doand Their Not Create The Nuclear Bomb

A essay about the people who stand out and fought for what they believed in?

ok, i have a project that has something to do with this and i am all out of ideas can you help me? PLEEEEEEEEEEZ!

When a teacher grades my essay, what does the M, O, LIC, and MLA stand for?

I got a paper back in my English class yesterday and we’re allowed to do rewrites on them because the entire class did poorly. and at the top of the page, my teacher writes these letters. and I just want to know what they stand for.

How do I stand out in the Harvard application.?

I understand you have to be good at something than everyone, but all I’m good at are basketball and science. I already grades, sat, sat II, and essay checked. But how do I make myself stand out!

Theme of “I Stand Here Ironing”?

I am writing a explication essay on “I Stand Here Ironing” by Tillie Olsen and I need some ideas on what you may think the central theme is about (summed up in one phrase of you can). I already have some ideas, but I would like some other opinions.Thanks!

I can’t stand my English class! I do not know what to do!?

I’m in AP English this year, and I absolutely hate it. I hate everything about it =[I can’t stand the teacher because she gives us all loads of homework but none of it serves a purpose. It’s all busy work (work that takes hours upon hours to complete but doesn’t help me learn) and she […]

Where does America stand in the conflict between Georgia & Russia?

I need to write a short essay about this, and I have tried looking information up online but can’t seem to get anywhere. Specifically I need to know, is it possible that another Cold War could break out? And if so, what would the implications of this be? If I understand right, Russia invaded Georgia […]

How Do i do Stand By Me Essay or intro?

i really need help, im really bad at doing essay’s

What does “RC” stand for in “B/W RC print and ink”?

[external link] …Thats the art related article i found but I have no idea what RC stands for…