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What is some way our states work together to form a more perfect union?

im writing an essay and i need help.

Was the United States justified in their imperialistic policies of the late 1800s and early 1900s?

I have to write a essay so maybe a beginning paragraph or thesis statement? Thanks for any answers

The Civil War… What triggered the conflict between states’ individual rights and federal power?

I’m writing an essay about the civil war and I’m answering the question, “Was the civil war necessary?” I am arguing that it is… My topic sentences:Since the powerful wealthier southerners depended on slavery for their livelihood, force was needed to prevent them from seceding and carrying on slavery. If the south successfully broke off, […]

What are some Social and Cultural changes in the United States since the 1900′s?

I’m writing an Essay and I need some serious help!Ahhh.So confused and tired.

Need information on Libya and the United States quickly please! Best answer tonight!?

Hello!I have a homework assignment due tomorrow, and it was to watch the news and gather information on the Libya situation.The problem is, I’m having a very hard time understanding this… Could someone please give me information on the question below?”Last week the United Nations authorized a “no-fly zone” over Libya as a result of […]

What parallels are there with the Titanic and our government in the United States ?

There are NO wrong answers, and this is a short answer, not an essay…please use your innate creativity that remains if not destroyed by public education, thanks !

Should i be scared to move to the states?

Im going to get straight to the point.Im currently studying in the UK for my masters in mechanical engineering and have the idea of working in the states in he near future (I know this is easier said then done) for a few years due to better job opportunities and quality of life. However looking […]

Do you believe the United States should make it legal for 18 year olds to drink alcohal?

In Mr. Callero’s 10 grade english class, we were asked to choose a very serious topic and write a persuassive essay about one of the ones we choosed. They’re ones like if abortion should be illegal, stay legal, marijuana should be legal or stay illegal, and so on etc. I choosed that alcohol should be […]

Can some please write an essay on united states foriegn policy please?

Yeah I can. I’ve studied American Foreign Policy. When is it due? How long is it? Do you need references?

How is the spirit of rome alive in the united states?

its for an essay please help