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Where can i find statistics on STDS from prostitutes?

im doing any essay and that would help out a lot

10 Statistics Questions. Who’s feeling extra helpful today?

Question 1 (Essay Worth 3 points)A can of Pepsi is supposed to contain, on the average, 12 ounces of soda with a standard deviation of 0.3 ounces. Suspecting fraud, you take a random sample of 40 cans and measure the amount of Pepsi in each. Your measurements show that the 40 cans had a mean […]

Does anyone have statistics on straight people being hired over gay people?

i have an essay due tomorrow so please please please help :/

College expenses and statistics?

i have to type an essay about college and i was wondering ifsomeone can give me a website that shows me the yearly expense of college and books, basically statistics. thank you!

Help with my statistics homework please ?

my teacher assigned me an essay that is supposed to say three ways statistics is used in the real world. what can my three things be? im a relatively fair writer and all i need is my topic and some facts and i can make something out of nothing, its just i wanted to see […]

Math help. TEN POINTS! ~ Statistics?

1. Determine if each variable is quantitative or qualitative.(a) Political affiliation (b) Opinions of students on a new music album (c) SAT scores(d) nationality (e) cholesterol level (f) Class membership (freshman, sophomore etc)(g) height (h) Number of times the word “alligator” is used in an essay.2. A sample of students is to be selected and […]

Are there any statistics on Mexican-Americans and post secondary education out there?

Hi, I’m writing an essay and I was just wondering if anybody knew of any sites or something where I could find statistics relating to Mexican-Americans and their post secondary-education. e.g, only 25% of Mexican American students are getting into college while 70% of their white peers are.. Things like that. I’d really appreciate it. […]

Does anyone know of a good site with statistics of deaths in Africa from civil war that are recent?

It is for my AP English essay and I want to start of with a statistic as its based off of A Long Way Gone, which is about a boy soldier in the african civil war

Statistics as a branch of mathematics?

I need info for an important essay. What is Statistics as a branch of mathematics? How does it relate to math? Can Statistics be applied to Science? How do we apply it? Or, Does it have any relation to Science? All answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Statistics on airsofting?

I have this persuasive essay to write at school, and I need some kind of positive statistic, like uhh.. “Airsofting increases skills with hands.” or, “x% of people who airsoft ____”