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How do i start in an essay in a interesting way on the power of story telling?

Im not really sure how to Start it off. Can anyone help?

UC prompts- expository essay or story?

What are the best personal statements like?expository , academic style essays?or written like stories?

What do you think would improve this story? (Its short.)?

Something I wrote this afternoon. I want to improve it so give me your worst.”What Happened Between Classes”Outside of the classroom window, the wind whipped the brilliant red and orange of fall leaves through the air.On the other side of the glass panes, Stephan Lenning, elbow propped against his wood desk, chin in his hand, […]

A story beginning with ‘I knew I would need a lot of courage to get through the day’?

I need a plot, dialogue, characters, description, detail, tension, climax and resolution. I just wrote about 9 essays and the last one can’t be the same. I badly need some idea’s.

I’d like to share a story that has happened to me; i need help getting over her?

“If a system at equilibrium is subjected to a change of pressure, temperature, or the number of moles of a component, there will be a tendency for a net reaction in the direction that reduces the effect of this change.” In this essay I intend to give an example of when my equilibrium was disrupted. […]

I need help with a story!?

i need help adding detail to this non-fiction short story! also i need a good hook and finishing parts, i only need this for a one page essay. any help is appreciatedplot: a plane crash leaves a stranded man to fight for survival, he has crash landed into the middle of the hostile, Congo jungle. […]

How is the setting in To Kill a Mockingbird influence the plot of the story?

I am writing an essay and the essay topic is how the setting influences to main conflict in the story (the trial). I need someone to give me 3 specific reasons on how setting affects the plot. Please justify your 3 reason. Thanks in advance.

How to write a news story in simple steps?

For my English class were writing a procedural essay teaching somebody how to do something. I really want to write about how to write a news story, but I’m having trouble putting it in 10 or more easy to follow steps.I have to just put it into steps now then go into details and write […]

Is this idea for my story too unrealistic? (i made it easier to understand)?

Okay here is the summary: The family of five girls- Jillian (22), Phoebe (17), Lindsey (16), Olivia (15) and Katherine (14) and one boy- James (15) who’s parents have died in a car crash- this happens before story starts when the oldest girl (Jillian) was 19 so she became the legal guardian. Jillian got pregnant […]

How do you incorporate dialog quotes from a story into an essay?

“Dialog should be in quotation marks like this, then authors last name and page number should be in parenthesis, then make sure to have a works cited page to list your references” (Author 121)Works Cited John D. Author. The Best Book – title should be underlined. Chicago Publishing, Chicago, 1990