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Do you know this short story?

I have been think for long, but I can’t have any ideas. I need to write essay to compare symbolism in short story “Miss Brill” and ” A Rose for Emily”. Please help me with at least 2 or 3 sentences of my thesis sentences in essay. What should be my theme in essay? Thank […]

Is this link the entire story about wolf restoration in yellowstone?

[external link] just need to know if there is any missing info on this page (it’s for an essay at school)If there is any info missing, please tell me. thank you.

Hi im doin a research essay on a short story?

but i don’t know what short story to pick i need a short story dat has many comments about it by famous people or other authors:) the short story can be bout love, abortion, sad, or anythin i dont mind..pleasee and thank uu:)

How to write to indicate a story within a story?

I read a book calls In Our Own Words. It has many stories in that book. I read at the part it says Learning How to Cook. Thus, how do I write in a sentence to indicate that I read Learning How to Cook in Our Own Words?Here is a few sentences I’m trying to […]

Ideas for a short story set in the 1940s?

In my creative writing class, we must write a historical fiction short story. I know much about the 1940s, so I will be writing about it. The problem is that I am having a terrible time thinking of an idea. I would really like to write about a lady, and I do not want to […]

How does short sentences Create suspense in a story?

how and why does it create suspense in a storyp.s i need to answer this question for part of my tell tale heart essay so if you can relate to that, it’ll be most appriciated ThankYou

How do I cite an internet source in a story I’m writing?

I’m currently writing a story/essay and I researched some statistics on the topic. How would I cite the information since this is suppose to be story-like? Should I make up the information since it’s my own story or should I just cite it anyway?

Help with suicidal story tittle? {essay}?

the story’s about a teenage girl that tries to commit suicide because her mom died, and her dad hates her, her friends don’t help her, her boyfriend dumped her blahblah and at the end she lives, and has a new friend/boyfriend who get her, and learns that pain does go away, and happiness is on […]

Symbols and themes of Truman Capote’s Miriam short story?

My class, we’ve discussed about what Miriam might symbolize. We’ve talked about the colors Capote used as symbols. However, my teacher never explained what Miriam’s theme is or what the 3 old men in the story represent. We have an essay due on it two days from now and I have nothing to talk about. […]

Does anyone know the essay/short story about the child who is kept in a closet to ensure utopia?

The society is perfect and in order for it to remain a utopia the child has to be kept in the closet and neglected. I read it in an English text book a really long time ago. Anyone know the author or title? Thanks in advance!