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im going for student council, and i really want to get inthere are only 7 spaces, and the maximun number of spaces for an eight grader is 5…a lot of ppl are doing it this yr, and i really really want to get ina lot of my friends are doing it tooi know how ppl […]

Student exchange essay outline?

I have to write a 1 page essay outlining the reasons why i would be a good representative for my school over in another country.I’m thinking of writing how i’m confident, proud to be a student at my school, i’m well-mannered and i am very respectful.But my problem is i don’t know how to start […]

What kind of essays will be given in an U.S student exchange programme?

i’m applying for the YES PROGRAMME,and we have to write essays: ALSO TELL ME HOW TO WRITE A GOOD ESSAY?

ESl student needs help with an English essay.?

I need to edit this short essay, Hope you guys help me with. Thank very much!Not only the security is important because the school needs to be and look clean all the time. A good school cleaning system includes bathrooms, gym lockers, recreation centers floors classrooms equipment and offices should be clean in all times […]

What’s better – an ipad or an mac laptop for a uni/college student?

if I get into uni/college for next year *fingers crossed*, I’m going to need one of those. I’m going to do lots of essays, writing and presentations. also, if I live at home, I’m going to take it with me.I don’t know which is best.

Being an exchange student has affected my life in every possible way?another way to write this?

whats another way to write this bettter as an topic sentence for my suny oneonta amissions essay?thank you

I am English for second language student?

i am very nerves when i give my speech and i forget what i want to say so how can i improve my speech . Also i am not a good Essay writer i am trying to do better for my class is there any helper i can that who can help me with my […]

I want an essay about qualities of an english departmant student?

If you need help writing one [external link]

When is it appropriate for a student to use a subject/ essay map approach?

When using the card catolog.When writing an outline.When citing a direct quotation.When writing a thesis statement. User tags:when is it appropriate for a student to use a subject/ essay map approach?

How to become a better college student?

I need an essay on how we learn and ways to apply it to be a better college student…The essay needs to be 4 to 6 pages long time new roman 12 pitch font with 1 inch side margins 0.6 top and bottom margins and 1.5 spacing no double spacing please…