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What is the symbolism of Night in Night by Elie Wiesel?

I have to write an essay on the meaning of the title Night and how this word takes on different connotations for Eliezer throughout the story. I also have to analyze how the symbolism of night changes throughout the story and what it represents.Any help would be greatly appreciated since I can’t seem to get […]

The symbolism of sleep in Macbeth by William Shakespeare?

Reading if for english class and have to write an essay and wonder about other peoples opinions because i have a couple of ideas and am not sure if they are valid. Sleep is mentioned in act one, scene three, lines 20-21act one scene eight lines 71-74 and 86-88act two scene one lines 8-11act two […]

Suggestions on symbolism or the importance of books throughout the novel: “The Book Thief” by Marcus Zusak?

So, i’m writing an essay on this book, and can’t decide between these two thesis:1) books play an important part in Liesel’s life and allow Liesel to grow and escape from her bleak life2) Haven’t thought of a specific thesis, but i want to write about the symbolism throughout the novelI was just wondering if […]

Can anybody help me with symbolism in “remember the titans”?

For my sociology class i need to write a 6 paragraph essay on symbolism in Remember the Titans”. i wasn’t there when we watched the movie in class, and its not on Netflix. we need 3 examples for each form of symbolism, symbolic interactionism, functional analysis, and conflict theory. can anybody help me with these? […]

Can you check my essay and tell me if its okay? (Symbolism)?

While reading The Pearl and The Old Man and the Sea, I noticed a lot of symbolism between the two books. By recognizing the symbols, I was able to create a deeper understanding of the books, and be able to connect the symbols with reality. I decided to compare the use of the symbols, and […]

Good quotes to start off an essay about symbolism?

I have to do an essay about LORD OF THE FLIES.. And my topic is the symbolic qualities of the characters.. What can I start off with?Thanks!

I need a good point to make about the symbolism in my essay on “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson?

my body paragraphs will either be about symbols of life and death or symbols of tradition and crumbling tradition. or maybe even all of them.. what could my thesis statement be about that shows how all of the symbolism works together to highlight the theme? what could i even say the theme is?if this doesn’t […]

What are some of the sound effects and symbolism in “The Raven” and “To Helen”?

To Helen- [external link] raven- [external link] ‘m writing an essay on this, need to figure this stuff out. Thanks for the help!