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Can someone tell me some of the sugars that are in regular sodas that are not in diet sodas?

I’m doing a science project about if people can tell the difference between diet and regular sodas and i need a two page essay with background info about my project.

Can you proof read my essay and tell me what you think and if theres any punctuation i need to correct?

The Effects of a Mindfulness Manipulation on Adolescent Smoking Isn’t smoking great? It’s not like cigarettes kill so many people a year and it’s not like “second hand smoke” even harms non-smokers. Right, Wrong Smoking can cause trouble, Tobacco smoke is a human killer, and even if you don’t smoke you can be in harm. […]

Is this essay really good and can you give a rating and tell me about some mistakes in this essay?

I am going to middle school and I need to write a essay but I want to have a perfect score!I need to write about a woman author ! Give comments,ratings and tell mistakes that I made!Diana LopezBy Rachel QuanDiana Lopez is the author of a adult novel ,Sofia’s Saint and a middle school novel […]

Im writing an essay, but can u tell me if this idea is possible?

here goes:A girl was on a camping trip in a nature reserve when she was awaken late one night by a strange noise.i want to write that the noise was caused by smugglers moving contraband cigarettes, and they were going to hide the cigarettes in a nature reserve. The girl found them and informed the […]

Can you tell me if i am a good writer?

Well i have been told that i am a good writer but i want to know because I really like it. So I was wondering if you could please reed the essay below and tell me if it is good or bad.Thank you very much! ( Please no mean comments)It gets to a time in […]

Did Charles Dickens tell the truth about life in the 1800s?

I have an essay where i have to answer whether i think charles told the truth about victorian life or over exaggerated in his books for example . I need to find sources to support both sides ( yes and no)I also have to do cross referencing( of which i dont really understand!) between different […]

Can u tell me how to write an essay effectively?

tomorrow iam going to an essay writing should i start?if u know the topic,the topic is keeping in view of the 123 agreement,hyde act, write about nuclear deal between india and U.S.A

Tell me of this Persuasive essay on Dumb Blondes is good? Please :) <3?

I have always wondered, are blondes actually “Dumb” as we call them. That led me to research this topic, is this “Sad reality” or a big “Myth”. First to really understand this tale, we must find out where it originated. In this case there is several ways it could have. 1) People always consider blondes […]

Can anyone tell me where can i find tell information about African America on Vietnam?

can anyone tell me where can i find tell information about African America on Vietnam?Because i need to write an essay about the African America on Vietnam, and do i believe that the war was justified , any site that have those information, please let me know.

Plz tell me where can i find sone good essays on net?

You know how to get information on the net. After you go to several sites pick out the information you like and put it into your own words. Your teacher knows your writing and speaking style and you need to use that. If you just copy the material you could get a failing grade for […]