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Can anyone give me a brief answer to this essay question?

I have an essay in science and i was wondering if i could get some help with this answer. The question is, “Find a connecting link between rocks, water, and air. Explain the link using both words and pictures. Be specific!” anything that would help will be great! Thanks a lot!

Is this a well written paragraph…?

I just finished writing the third body paragraph for my comparative essay (on family life in two books), and I wanted to know if it was well written. If you see any mistakes (tense issues, sentence structure, grammar, etc). Any help would be greatly appreciated (sorry I couldn’t paste it here, Y!A said it wouldn’t […]

I need help with this sentence in grammer!?

Alright well I got to do a essay on running and I got stuck on this sentence.Lastly, running can be done anytime so it could easily fit in the people’s schedule.I can not use any contractions so what is another world for people’s?Reword the sentence if you want to.

Is this a thesis statement? I need a good mark for this essay.?

The main character of “The Flash” and “The Night Face Up” loses their true realities and therefore became lost to the opposite worlds presented to them in the end. (skip 1. and 2. if you want)1.The flash is about a guy who finds out about the knowledge of nothingness and that everything doesn’t fit together […]

How do i write this essay?

i feel this is a discussion essay but just to be on the safe side i need ur opinions if it is a argumentative essay>Also do i only need to state the reasons why i think it is useful to emphasise the teaching of values?if yes about how many reason should i state. My word […]

Could Someone Please Proofread This Short Essay For Me!?

I am no stranger to the medical field. The women in my family have been health care professionals of some kind for some time. Their line of work ranges from being Phlebotomists to Registered Nurses. Naturally you’d think that I was motivated from a family member to become a health care professional, but it was […]

How do make this into two sentences?

I want to put this in my essay but how do i make it not a run on sentence?This is it: Nobody really go to look through those clear square glasses into her sheer brown eyes because her long blonde hair was always whipping around her heavily freckled face.

Help me with this essay!?

Here it goes:With the fastest growing of the economy and the lack of time, many people have been working in this new way of work.One good example of telecommuting in our modern society is when a woman have to take care of her little baby but at same time she wants to work. As long […]


“For many Americans, the concept of success is a source of confusion. As a people, we Americans greatly prize success. We are taught to celebrate and admire the one who gets the highest grades, the one voted most attractive or most likely to succeed. But while we often rejoice in the success of people far […]

What do I do if I dont get accepted to any law schools this year?!?! :o?

Ok, I graduated from college last year, “studied” for the LSAT, then took it in December. My score was pure crap, so I took in again in February and I had to cancel it (its a long story). I still sent out my applications, hoping that one of the 25 schools would still like me, […]