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Help with my essay on the Titanic?

so i have to write this long essay on the Titanic..and in the introduction paragraph 3 we have to ‘explain the plot of the fillm Titanic’, i don’t get it?in the introduction paragraph 2 we had to ‘give a summary of the film. when it was made? who directe it? how was it made? (computer […]

What parallels are there with the Titanic and our government in the United States ?

There are NO wrong answers, and this is a short answer, not an essay…please use your innate creativity that remains if not destroyed by public education, thanks !

What does the Titanic tell us about what technology was like in the early 20th century?

Im writing an essay called ‘What does the Titanic tell us about the early 20th century?’ and so far ive written about construction, position of women, class system, i need to write about technology so could someone help please? also about the impact of titanic sinking! im not asking you to write the essay just […]

Who thought of the lifeboat number on titanic?

Since there wasint enoiugh lifeboats on titanic, who thought of the idea of putting so little lifeboats like this?, i knew his name but ive forgotten, its for my English essay.

Who’s fault was it that the Titanic sunk?

I’m writting a history essay and need to know who was to blame and why?

Someone help me with my titanic essay?

I am not asking for someone to write my essay, but for some ideas. Below is the picture of the legitimate Titanic and I have to write a picture on how this picture appeals to emotion. Help is greatly appreciated. I just need ideas. Thank you [external link] ‘hl=en’client=safari’tbo=d’biw=768′bih=928′tbm=isch’sa=1′q=titanic+1912′oq=titanic+1912′gs_l=img.1.0.0l5j0i5l2j0i24l3.172916.175167.0.176890.…0.0…1ac.1.7L1JtCr0GJw#biv=i