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What is a good title for an essay about acceptance/ tolerance of differences?

i am writing an esay about to kill a mockingbird

Title for essay on individualism?

I need a catchy title for this essay on individualism and how people focus on their own benefits so they do not serve their surroundings. It is argumentative.

Need help thinking of a title for my essay?

okay, my essay is a narrative about how i saw one of my friends shoplift and how i let her get away with it in the end. in my conclusion i made the reader aware i regretted it and would do it over if need be.i’m really stumped on a title. any suggestions would be […]

What is a good title for a comparative essay between me and a classmate?

“No one is the same,” or “everyone is difference,” or “differences between you and I” by

How do you title a response paper or essay? ?

Do you just title it with the name of the piece you read or how?

What should I title my essay?

im writing about instances of shame in the kite runner and how it relates to Night by Elie Wiesel. i cant think of a good title/ thanks for the help!

Title for a report…?

This is actually quite a dull question, and I’m sorry for that. I have to write a 6,000 word essay as part of this project I’m doing at High School right now. I’m basically doing mine about youth subcultures and comparing old ones to modern day ones, in particular Punk. I’m looking at whether subcultures […]

What should i title my essay if its about racial profiling?

whats a good title for my essay?

I Need a title for an essay…?

I am writing an essay for my history class about guns on college campuses. The essay describes the views from both sides of the issue and then ends with my own opinion. I don’t think guns should be allowed on campus. I need a funny, ironic, or quirky title that fits my essay.BQ: If you […]

What is a good title for my essay?

my essay is nyc can go green. is there a vary interesting title for it? i need 1