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When applying to the top US colleges, do they assign an essay topic for the application or is it a free choice?

you have to go to the college website to look for the prompt or you can typ in prompt for ____. n then it will appear..some they give it to you.

Can you me think of a topic that reflects upon healthy & unhealthy relationships?!?

I can’t seem to think of a topic I could elaborate on for even 1/2 a page, nevermind 3. I’m really stuck here, and this is for my essay due next week in case you’re wondering.Some themes are:-Honesty-Social Maturity-A Role Model-Regrets-A Generation Gap-A Childhood Event-A Miscommunication & the list goes on.All ideas are welcomed!

What’s a good controversial racism essay topic?

I need to write a paper on racism that provides a strong argument. I cannot seem to come up with a really good, controversial topic that I can write a 15+ page paper on, while also enjoying the topic. Any suggestions would be welcome!

I have to write a 750 essay and i need some topic ideas?

i have to write a 750 word essay about a skill that most people do not have. If they had this skill they could benefit from it. I have to write this essay to persuade my instructor why people should mast er this skill and how they would bentefit from it.

What are some good examples for topic sentences?

I have an essay to write about technological advancements, and I’m not quite sure as to what kind of topic sentence I should write. Does anyone have any ideas?

Argumentative research essay topic on sleep?

I want to do a research essay on sleep, in which i have to take sides. The problem is that sleep is such a broad topic and I’m not sure how I’m going to narrow it down to something specific/something controversial. Anything I can argue about sleep?

I am writing a 5 paragraph essay it has to be about china what topic could it be about?

The pollution there….The pandas of Chengdu….The Terracotta figures….just a few ideas.Oh, yeah.Their superstitions…..certain numbers mean certain things. Feng Shou (“Feng Shway” is important to them). Grasshoppers mean good luck, so they keep them as pets (and they are rather large).

What do you think of my UC essay topic?

It’s time for college applications which means the time consuming thought out personal statements are needed. I am applying to five UCs and was wondering if this would be a good topic for the first Prompt?Describe the world you come from — for example, your family, community or school — and tell us how your […]

Are these topic sentences?

i’m writng a persuasive essay on eating disorder, my thesis is “Although have eating disorder might let you fit into size zero jeans, I believe the harm it causes on you definitely outweigh it’s benefit.” The following are my 4 topic sentences, please tell me if they are correct, or are they topic sentences. also […]

I have an essay pls suggest me on which topic should i write.these r the topics–?

1. the role of mobile ‘internet in cyber crime2.would reservation b helpfull in improving the standard of living?3.comment on india’s population explosion4olympic gold’india’s prospect