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What are some simple essay topics?

Hi guys, I’m really stuck! I need to write an approximately five-minute speech and read it in front of my HS. Topic ideas? It can be anything as long as it’s appropriate. I need something simple and engaging, and not offensive. The topic I had initially was role models, but I’m not sure about it. […]

Essay topics about the life of Oscar Wilde and his “three Trials”?

Hey folks I got a 2000 word essay due in my Sexuality and the Stage class and need to write about the life and trials of Oscar Wilde, tho I’m having trouble coming up with essays topics. If you have any good ideas to pitch I would love to hear them

Obama/Biden Health care plan topics? for essay?

I have to write a 4 age paper on Obama/Biden health care plan, rough draft due Wednesday.Could you help me with the points I should emphasize? Also, If you can, I need to cite at least three seperat sources for my report. I already downloaded and read the plan from his campaign website [external link] […]

I have an essay pls suggest me on which topic should i write.these r the topics–?

1. the role of mobile ‘internet in cyber crime2.would reservation b helpfull in improving the standard of living?3.comment on india’s population explosion4olympic gold’india’s prospect

Where can I get essays on various topics for competitive exams ?

Plz tell me where I can find essays on all subjects which can be used for academic as well as competitive purposes.

Which one of these topics could be used in a quirky weird way for an essay?

I have to write an essay on one of these topics but it has to relate to my personality. which is quirky, weird. according to my teacherComing of ageSexualityGender Identity BullyingDeath

Im a sports fanatic. What are some cause and effect essay topics i can use?

What are some good persuasion essay topics?

Something I can write five to seven pages about. *****And It has to have some sort of logical appeal (meaning the pursuasion cannot be 100% based off of opinion and emotion towards the topic)

Does anyone know any interesting people or topics I can write an essay on?

the essay can’t be anymore than 250 words (thats not enough freakin room!) and it has to be non-fiction and perferable something I cad describe well in a short amount of space

Can you suggest some topics for a definition essay?

Would you care to define the meaning and significance of a new word, coined by President Obama? “SNOWMAGEDDON”