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I NEED MAJOR HELP WITH MY TRUMAN AND MACARTHUR ESSAYS! PLEASE DESPERATE1st essay is just on annalyzing President Truman’s leadership decisions torwards MacArthur & how good of a leader Truman was during this time.2nd on President Truman’s commands were they at all effective or listened to by General MacArthur and why.3rd on MacArthur’s best decisions […]

Hey. Can some one please write me an essay on the movie “The Truman show”?

Hey. Can some one please write me an essay on the movie “The Truman show” explaining how the director has used the film techinques to tell the story?

Symbols and themes of Truman Capote’s Miriam short story?

My class, we’ve discussed about what Miriam might symbolize. We’ve talked about the colors Capote used as symbols. However, my teacher never explained what Miriam’s theme is or what the 3 old men in the story represent. We have an essay due on it two days from now and I have nothing to talk about. […]

A question about The Truman Show (a movie) right here :) Please help?

O.k, we need to do this essay on the Truman Show, Please help me to response these questions “How does Christof create Truman’s world and how does Truman find out the truth? Give an opinion on why he leaves this perfect world”. So feel free to give responses, answers etc. Best answer get 10 pointsss

World war 2 president harry truman essAY HELP 10 POINTSSSSS!?

So i am writing an letter to President truman. Harry truman is the president who made the decision to use technology of the atomic omb on japan. i am supposed to pretend that i lived during ww2, but i can see the future. the fate of the japanese people depends on me, it is my […]