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What customer markets is mcdonalds trying to reach?

i need help with this question and i don’t know how to even answer it. Is for an essay for my business class in college. HELP!

Trying to find a major, please help!?

i’ve been going to community college since august and i still can’t figure out what i want to do.i’m doing really bad in my psychology class and my speech class. mainly because i’m not interested in those classes at all.i’m doing alright in my math class mainly because i’m trying my hardest to pass and […]

I’m trying to write an essay to the college I’m applying to, what should my tone be, formal or informal?

Should i relax and tell the college what i want to tell them and may be i can be funny (to not bore the reader) or should i make it important and formal? can some one give me some tips?

What do u think Warde was trying to say? how relevant is her essay to todays publishing?Someone pls help?

The Crystal Goblet, or Printing Should Be Invisible by Beatrice Warde (1900 — 1969)Imagine that you have before you a flagon of wine. You may choose your own favourite vintage for this imaginary demonstration, so that it be a deep shimmering crimson in colour. You have two goblets before you. One is of solid gold, […]

Who is trying to change the Constitution or uphold current laws being challenged?

Ok, so. I’m trying to write an essay on this… For this paper, you will identify a person or group who is currently trying to change the Constitution OR uphold current laws being challenged. I’m really having a hard time trying to find information so could you help me? Don’t give me the answer i […]

You know that spongebob episode where hes trying to write an essay but he spends forever writing the word the?

could you find a picture of that “the” on the paper for meHAHA (:

I’m trying to write a essay on bermuda can anyone give me a history lesson?

does anyone know about circa 1505 and christopher columbus? Also looking for any one who has stories or personal experiences on the bermuda triangle.

Trying to write a religion essay PLEASE HELP ME?

I have to write a religion essay about “WHY I WANT TO BE CONFIRMED” Please help this is so hard, please and thank you

I am trying to find ” An Essay to Ten Virgins ( 1779),” ” A Winter Piece(1782),” & ” An Evening’s Improvement?

the last quoted literature was written in 1783 and all the works are written by Jupiter Hammon, one of the first African-American writers. Thanks a bunch!

I need help trying to start off a paragraph for a project not an essay?

How about My project on _____ is about _____. It works ______ and can do ______. What I learned from this project was ______.