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Why gandhi considered the champaran movement to be a turning point in his life?

Based on the book Indigo by Louis Fischer.I have to write an essay of about 150 words.The things i have to elucidate are:1. He understood that Indians can exercise their rights and seek legal recourse for justice.2. The civil ( civilized ) disobedience movement had won for the first time.3. It had proved that no […]

I need a conclusion sentence for my turning point essay?

Apprehension “Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.” – Samuel Johnson A major turning point in my life that really changed my views and thoughts about things, that will forever change who I am from now until death, would be the divorce of my parents. […]

What extent was 1649 a key turning point for Crown and Parliament?

We have been set this essay and not been taught it. I have this night to finish it or I will be kicked out of college tomorrow. This is really important, I really need this, thanks. Just bullet points or if possible a few elaborations if you can, thank you.