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Type of dance for school project?

I have a project for school which involves picking a type of dance, writing an essay (on its history, influences on culture, etc) and for bonus marks, dancing for the class.Can you give me any ideas on which type of dance I should pick? I want to do the bonus segment (because you can’t get […]

Parallel lines meet, i dont remember what that type of geometry is called?

when a 3d surface changes, making parallel lines meet,i forgot the name and i need to write an essay TONIGHT, itd be VERY useful

What type of person would do this?

Write an essay about how terrorism is related to feminism. Contribute paragraph to paragraph daily upon issues like lifting the seat up and who should pay for dinner. And in their spare time they would troll and study their targets carefully, reading books on the side so that they would improve their vocabulary. Some write […]

Correct way to type the term “meatheads” in a classification essay?

I am writing a classification paper on the type of people at my gym. One of the types is meatheads. Everytime i use the word meathead, i use it just as it is: meathead. Should i be capitalizing it or anything else?Thanks.

How to type an essay?

Three doctors from the rough streets of Newark, New Jersey made a pact to one day become doctors and make it out of the ghetto. The story of the doctors one day was written and now affects many lives around the country or better even the world. The doctors are all friends and have difficult […]

How can i type a paper for Thanksgiving on what my family do?

It has to be a five paragraph essay

What is the official name (in DSM) for this type of person’s unusual characteristics?

Hi, I’m reading the book called “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, which is a real story of a young, intelligent boy (Chris McCandless) who travels to Alaska and ends up dying of starvation. Anyways. I have to write an essay which explains the causes of him choosing to go to Alaska.There are so many […]

How can i get to a page where I can just type freely for a project or essay?

How can I get to a blank page where I can just type whatever I want for free for, like, an essay? I need to get to a page that is blank so I can just type what I need to for my project! User tags:energizer batteries are considered to be very reliable only 0 […]

How do you type a descriptive essay?

One of the easiest things to describe deals with things in nature. Let’s say you want to talk about a seasonal day. Describe a pleasant summer day, for example. Don’t worry about the wording until you have everything you wish to say on paper. Here’s an example for you: Today, the sun beats down on […]

Hi i wanted to know what type of questions should i ask a person that i am profiling for a essay?

Like question’s that will give me a good insight into the person and works activity being profiled.