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How is SAT score of 2100 for UCLA? ?

What are chances of getting accepted to UCLA with SAT score of 2100? Now that colleges might accept fewer number of students because of the budget cut, what are the chances that UCLA will accept me?I think I did ok on the application essay and my extracurricular activites are also good.

Chances of getting into UCLA (I know typical question)?

Im planning on either majoring in Philosophy or psychology. (I just want a second opinion, not rants about how no one can ever know bc ucla is some mysterious beastly school who picks who they like blahblah)*SMC*Scholars Program (alternative major and priority admission)*GPA 3.7 -3.8*60-65 semster units*1 semester Sustainable Works Program*2 years in AGS Honor […]

Chance me for UC Berkeley and UCLA!?

I am Mexican Top 2% of my class Taken 3 AP Classes: Spanish Language, Biology and US History: 5′s on each of them (Junior Year) Taking 5 AP Tests this may (Senior Curseload + 1 by myself (AP Spanish Lit)) SAT Subject Tests: 800 Spanish, 750 Molecular Bio, 740 US History SAT I: CR:610 Math:730 […]

I am a pre-med sophomore in UCLA, do you think that part of my life will attract Aaron Carter to me?

I love him so much. In about 1 year and 1/2 I will start my papers for medical school and I want to include Aaron Carter in my essay. When I become an Anesthesiologist I will tell all my patients that Aaron Carter was the cause of my success. I am always aroung LA trying […]

If you applied to UCLA for fall quarter 2009, tell me your admission status and your SAT, gpa, and extracurri?

If you applied to UCLA for fall quarter 2009, tell me your admission status and your SAT, gpa, and extracurriculars.I just got accepted to UCLA and I couldn’t believe it because my status isn’t that high.My SAT : 2100Gpa: 4.12Extracurricular: Japanese club founder and president, member of some other clubs User tags:voy a la república […]

What are my chances like for universities like UCLA, Stanford, UC Berkeley?

I live in Canada, so I think I would count as an international applicant.I’m going to be a junior in september, and I’m in the gifted program at my school. I’m trying to go into architecture.Average: 94%AP courses:writer’s craftcalculusworld historyphysicsSat I: 2200Sat IIs: math 2physicsenglishExtra Curricular/Awards:Grad Editor for YearbookHead of Amnesty International (school club)Piano level […]


what do honestly think my chances are of getting into the above three colleges? If you not sure about ALL of them, just answer the ones you can please. -SAT: 610-Reading 530-Math 620-Writing 66-Multiple choice 7-Essay-Varsity Basketball 1 year-Honor Roll 3 yrs. of HS-3.28 GPA (should be above 3.3 by end of semester according to […]

UCSD or UCLA attendees – premed?

If you attend UCSD and/or UCLA, could you tell me your academic records, i.e. GPA, SAT, ACT (if applicable), extracurricular activities. [and excluding the essay]Which would be a better school to go to as undergraduate in premed?

What are some tips to help me get into USC, UCLA, or NYU film school?

I was just wondering if anyone had in advice. I am planning on applying to film school to at least USC, NYU, UCLA, Chapman and maybe UC Long Beach. Does anyone have any tips on how might I be better prepared, what I should expect, etc…? Thanks in advance!

Can I get into UCLA with these scores?

I have a 4.01 weighted gpa for my sophomore and junior years of high school.I haven’t taken my official SAT yet although I am expecting at least a 2200. I just recently started volunteering at a senior center and will be starting at the humane society next year.Assuming I get at least 100 volunteer hours […]