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Do you have an underage drinking story…that ended with law enforcement or trajedy?

Hello:Im writing an essay for college and my topic si Underage Drinking and Law Enforcement. I would like to include some real life situations to this essay to make it more descriptive. Please give me just your first name or let me know what name you would like me use when I quote you….this will […]

Underage Drinking Essay Title?

I’m writing an essay on underage drinking essay, and I’m looking for a funny/witty title. Ideas? User tags:aerticle title ideas for underage drinking

What law is an adult and an underage youth commiting when they have sex?

I’m writing an essay in english on the crucible and Proctor (60years old) sleeps with Abigail(13years old) and was wondering what crime they are commiting by sleeping together except adultery, and obviously i know he is technically a paedophile but i need what law they are commiting. Thanks xx

What would the reasons for China using underage gymnasts in the Olympics?

I don’t necessarily agree with this rumor but I’m required to write an essay on it, and I need some reasons why they would want to do this.