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How to define and understand literary elements and terms?

I have an exam tommorow. I have a bad memory and the exam is on over 30 short stories, poems, and essays. My prof. said they will be incorporated in the exam on literary elements and terms. Does anyone know what I should expect?

I dont understand this? why would we be suspicious of computers?

We are becoming overwhelmingly dependent on computers. Is this dependence on computers a good thing or should we be more suspicious of their benefits? – ok so this is the thing i dont get, what would we be suspicious? is it because personal info can get into the internet? or why? i want to writte […]

Something that I can’t understand?

I read an essay like this:The Oath affirmed that I would not misuse or abuse the power and influence of my new Royal Award. Alas, since I truly do have High Principles, I could not in good conscience sign such an affirmation. After all, unaccustomed as I am to power and influence, how could I […]

Is this idea for my story too unrealistic? (i made it easier to understand)?

Okay here is the summary: The family of five girls- Jillian (22), Phoebe (17), Lindsey (16), Olivia (15) and Katherine (14) and one boy- James (15) who’s parents have died in a car crash- this happens before story starts when the oldest girl (Jillian) was 19 so she became the legal guardian. Jillian got pregnant […]

I don’t really understand the prompt of my english essay…help me plz…?

so teacher gave me a paper with the heading like this: ETHICS AND MORALITY:and the heading of the essay is:HOW DO WE DISTIGUISH RIGHT FROM WRONG?the description is like this:write a four page personal essay on where your ethics(or sense of right and wrong)come from and where they are leading you. In addition to the […]

I really need help, i dont understand.?

ok well first off i need to write a research essay/paper on a topic, but the paper needs to be about 2-3 pages (at the least two full pages, or it can be more) but i need to pick a topic that i can write 2-3 pages on.. the teacher gave a list of topics […]

Is abortion ethical?this is the answer i have to do my essay, but i dont understand the meaning ethical?

Let’s define Ethical:1. conforming to accepted standards: consistent with agreed principles of correct moral conduct While such activities are not strictly illegal, they are certainly not ethical.So to put it explained: Does abortion confirm to accepted standards of correct moral conduct?I am very much against elective abortions. That means abortion should only be used in […]

Can someone help me understand at least the question to my essay?

i have a huge important essay due and my grade pretty much depends on it, but liek i still dont understand the question nor do i kno where to begin. I even asked the teacher, but he doesnt even understand it properly. he just confused me a lot more. can someone help me? the question […]

What are the differences between figural and literal examples? im having a hard time understand my essay ?

its asking me to explain the figural and literal differences? what does it mean can you give 2 examples of random stuff?

Heyy i need more homework help plzz =(please for the people that dont understand )?

heyy..ok i have to write a essay on how to open a daycare and were 2 go to and for how many years ?if anybody knows or if anybody know a webbsite ppl help