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Help Finding Victorian Novels?

I need to find three different Victorian novels with the same social issues so I can compare them later in an essay. Any suggestions?

Victorian or 1950s era ranch and why?

I have to write an essay comparing these two, and people’s viewpoints. Which would you rather live in, and why?

The social classes of the victorian era?

Today my school has a late start, due to testing that the sophomores have to complete. I have an essay that is due today, in my fifth hour class. I’ve worked on it for days and have all the notes I need, except I need to know the differences between the social classes. I know […]

Are there any Victorian era women who are related to american history?

I love the victorian era more then anything. My american history teacher assigned a five paragraph essay for our final. We have to write our essay about one person related to american history. They didn’t have to do something amazing that made them famous. When she first assigned the project i knew exactly what i […]

Victorian Britain essay question help?

In an exam resit today I answered this question: I found it quite difficult!”which of the two major parties best adapted to mass politics in the late C19th?”I mainly focused on the changing nature of Liberalism at the time – everything from what Liberalism stood for, Gladstone’s leadership, policies and resignation + remergence and changed […]

Victorian Era Essay Topic?

I have to write an essay for school about a specific topic of my choice. I chose the Victorian Era, but I cannot think of a specific aspect or part of it to write my essay on. The essay needs to be 5-8 pages, so the topic cannot be TOO specific. Help please!

Detective stories in Victorian Literature?

When did detective fiction emerge in victorian literature and who were the authors?Basically im writing an essay and i need to know about the genre of novels in victorian literature and when detective fiction started to get popular?Thanks! User tags:why are detective stories popular set in Victorian era

How was art and architecture changed during the Victorian Era?

I am going to write an essay about art and architecture. I need a bit more info on how they were changed so I can write a paragraph.

What was the dark underbelly of victorian society?/?

im doing an essay on dr jekyll and mr hyde and hav to use this as a theme but dont understand it….

Need a book which covers more then one era, i.e Victorian and Tudor or something like that?!?

I am writing an essay about comparing a poem (which i have already got) and a book. The book has to bridge the past and present. So it could have references to both today and tudor, medieval anything in it.Anyone got any suggestion.Thanks in advance!