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I’m writing an essay and a character has to go into the woods whats a good reason….?

like I was think…1.) she wanted to take a walk threw the woods2.) her mother asked her to pick some flowers out in the woodsbut both of those are stupid and don’t make sense, have any ideas?

Whats a good ending sentence for my essay?

Its a report on how rain forests hold a great amount of biological diversity and they need to be preserved. So i’m totally finished but i have no clue what sentence to end it with!Please help me! i also need a title for it =[Thanks!–Ellz

What’s a good controversial racism essay topic?

I need to write a paper on racism that provides a strong argument. I cannot seem to come up with a really good, controversial topic that I can write a 15+ page paper on, while also enjoying the topic. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Whats a good hook for a essay about a death in my family?

i have to have a good opening sentence. should it be a quote or a bible verse? or just a memory? if so some examples?

I need help! whats a good opening sentence for my essay?

im writing an essay for language arts about someone you have had good memories with. i picked my best friend but i dont know how to start it of. i barely met him 3 years ago and we became friends right away. please help

Whats a good thing to rant about ?

i have to write a 5 paragraph essay ranting about something but i have no CLUE what to do

Whats a good hook for my essay?

I’m writing an essay about the importance of names in The Bean Trees and The Scarlet Letter and I’m trying to think of a good hook.. something like.. idk.. names identify us.. or.. imagine if your name was something else, would you still be the same person?.. like something along those lines haha.. any ideas?!

What’s the best way to approach an essay prompt that is written as a Statement rather than as question?

I am going to have a test in political science tomorrow and the professor said that the essay will be harder than usual because the prompt will not be in regular question/compare/contrast type. Rather it is going to be like a statement that I need to build on myself. That means no specific instructions, requests, […]

Whats a good way to start off an essay on autism?

I don’t have a clue of what to do, any ideas?

What’s a good book to write a compare and contrast essay on?

I need two books to read and to later write a compare and contrast essay on. I already chose my first book which is Oliver Twist and I need help choosing a second book. The second book has to be of a different author and has to be written from the Ancient Times to the […]