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When applying to the top US colleges, do they assign an essay topic for the application or is it a free choice?

you have to go to the college website to look for the prompt or you can typ in prompt for ____. n then it will appear..some they give it to you.

Can you help me concentrate more when doing tests?

Hello. In my country high school basically makes your future. The best one is the American College, because you get an American diploma. The test looks alot like the SSAT. you have 1 part reading comprehension, 3 parts math and 1 part essay. I’m very good at math, have some awards at competions this year, […]

I Dnt No Wat 2 Be When I Grow Up?

I am a yr 8 student in england i like quite a few subjects including: Religious Studies, Art, English & ICT. I Wanted 2 be a lawyer or teacher or police women but i just cant decide pluss i have 2 ryt a essay plz help!

When Applying for Journalism…?

What kind of things should I include in the submission essay for University journalism, do you think? The question asks to speak about yourself and why you’re interested in a career in journalism. I want to be honest, but am also curious to know what kind of things they might be looking for/any interesting ways […]

A women’s issue one will face when they leave the safety of highschool?

So i need to do an essay and pick a women’s issue that i will face when i leave the safety of my high school. I’m having trouble deciding what this might be or thinking of one to choose. So, suggestions please!

When was the ACTUAL law passed that made murder illegal.?

QUICK ! im writing an essay for english class, and i need to know when the actual law was passed that made murder a felony, where is it written ? Where do i find this information ?

When can’can’t ads be provocative?

Calling all advertising/marketing majors/ professionalsHello =)I’m doing an advertising essay & in one section I have to answer the question above. My hunch is: ads can be provocative/sexual if the product being advertised is related to that content, ex: lingerie. But ads can’t be provocative if the product being advertised has nothing to do with […]

When to use first person in an essay?

I have to compose and present an oral essay about how I made my music video.Do you think it’s ok to use I?

When writing an essay, do you italicize the name of a newspaper?


When citing a source, do you misspell words that the original source did?

I’m sourcing my essay and I’ve noticed that one of my sources spelt a word incorrectly. Do I use the spelling as it appears in the original source? Or do I correct it in my citation?