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Is the word “Berliner” appropriate/formal for describing citizens of Berlin, Germany?

I know FDR (I think it was him) said it, but I’m not sure if it’s the official or accepted way of describing a citizen of the German capital of Berlin. Anyone know? I’ll be using this word for my English essay. Thanks!

Is there a free or online word processor that will let me upload an essay to my professor in word format?

I’m looking for a free or online word processor that will let me upload an essay to my professor in word format. I’m almost positive I had such a program on my computer but lost it in a recent reformat. Any ideas?

Proper word for someone who nags?

because i put ****** in my essay and the teacher said it was slang therefore what is the proper way to say it?

How to replace the word “is” in my essays.?

I’m having trouble, well my teacher doesnt want the word “is” in our essays(he thinks its taboo), but i have a lot of them. Can someone help me find a genral way to get rid of them?Ex) A soliloquy is when a person reveals his inner most thoughts. Ex) When a soliloquy is being brought […]

Help with microsoft word 2008?

I wrote an essay for school however the columns are one next to the other. How can I make it so that the essay papers go strait down not side to side?

Recovering text from Word 2010 Windows 7 doc?

Alright, so i was working on a doc in word and somehow, unbeknown to me, half of it was deleted. It may have happened when i was copying and pasting, i dont know. All i know is that there HAD been an auto save copy of the file.BUT – here’s the fun part,I didnt realize […]

Long essay on Word … not spell checking anymore. How do I fix this?

It seems that whenever I type a lot on Word, it stops spell checking by default. I have tried to make it spell check by default but it just doesn’t seem to work after about 15 pages. How do I make it spell check an entire document by default regardless of how long it is?

Microsoft Word 2003 problem?

I have microsoft word 2003 and im trying to write an essay, but when i go into the page the margins are really wide and the whole page is white except at the top where there is the usual file, edit, view etc, does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I’m using Microsoft word for my essay…?

I use word for my college essays, when i print it off there is always a gap inbetween the lines, ” also, when i press enter to start a new line, not a new paragraph, it creates a massive gap, which looks like i have started a new paragraph.. i’ve looked through the settings, but […]

What’s the word for someone who died in war?

I’m writing an essay for Memorial Day, anyone know what the word for someone who died in war is? It’s kind of a vital word ha ha thanks!