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World War II Leader essay help!10 points best answer!?

I have to wirte an essay that explains how either Winston Churchill or Franklin Roosevelt demonstrated or failed to demonstrate the two leadership qualities that im suppoed to choose.(With exmaples that explain why you chose them!) Anyone give me ideas?I’ll wirte them into a paragraph! The leadership qualities you can choose from are:intelligencecommunicatorambitionorganizational abilitiesmilitary experienceexecutive […]

World war 1 essay questions?

1. What are 3 agencies and explain how they each expanded the federal government(I’m thinking it is Wilson’s 14 points, Paris Peace Confrence and Treaty of Versailles but i dont know why)2. Benefits and drawbacks to this expansion of the powerof the federal gov?3. How did the federal gov. restrict individual rights?Help as much as […]

Who sent Christopher Columbus on his travel to the New World?

just a little unclear on who sent him and I need to write an essay on an exam and think i need to include this…thanks!

What can you do to help fight world starvation?

I am writing and essay in school and I was wondering if anybody knew a lot of ways to help fight world starvation by volunteering and donating (mostly volunteering.)

Interesting world politics essay topic?

New Zealand hegemony.

Any one knows the world map really well?

Come someone please help me with my assignment!1. Can you name a place where trade has historically occured?2. What place has cultural diffusion occurs?3. what place has human rights are or have been violated?thanks for your help, i need this to get started on an essay.

World Trade Center Spelling?

Hey.Im doing an essay on terrorism, and i was thinking, in the UK (where I’m from) we spell center, (US spelling) Centre. As it is the name of a place, do I have to spell it Centre or Center. Sorry If I have confussed You

What countries were allies with Romania during world war 2? after world war 2? and now?

please help im writing an essay

What would the founding fathers think of the world today?

This is my history paper and my thesis is that they wouldnt approve / negative response.i have sources of opinions and some analysis, but i need more scholarly sources, namely, a historian’s analysis of this, which i need to incorporate into my paper.Can anyone help me find an essay/book/article/journal/etc written by a historian that somewhat […]

What is an ethical issue on today’s life or world?

The question is for an Ethics class(College). And I need to do an essay with the response of this ques.Thanks.