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How do I write a Dbq paper?

I’m really confused on how to write a whole dbq essay. I know that I’m supposed to start with a thesis but I don’t know how to create it. I get a lot of good ideas on what to put inside the paper but I don’t express my ideas the right way. Can someone break […]

How can I write an argument essay on who should be allowed to immigrate?

I’m writing an essay giving an argument about what groups of people should be allowed to immigrate based on practical concerns. Should the US take the educated, the rich? How do I find examples, quotes and stats?

What is a good commercial to write a 4 page rhetorical analysis essay critiqing the persuasive tecniques used?

ethos, pathos, and/or logoscritiqing the commercial’s use of rhetorical techniques to persuade the reader.Thank you!And please send a link to the commercial if you have one.

I need help! How to write an essay about a crepe in Paris?

I just need help with the middle paragraphs. Paragraph 1, 2, 3? I have no problem with the introduction and conclusion. Thanks!

Why do you have to write an essay for college?

Also, what type of essay do you write about? Or do they give you a “prompt” to write about?

How do i write this essay?

i feel this is a discussion essay but just to be on the safe side i need ur opinions if it is a argumentative essay>Also do i only need to state the reasons why i think it is useful to emphasise the teaching of values?if yes about how many reason should i state. My word […]

I have to write a 750 essay and i need some topic ideas?

i have to write a 750 word essay about a skill that most people do not have. If they had this skill they could benefit from it. I have to write this essay to persuade my instructor why people should mast er this skill and how they would bentefit from it.

I have to write a position essay on drug testing for teachers please help?

Haha, wow, I hope you have the “yes, assure that crackheads aren’t teaching” position. Do you REALLY need help with this?

Would anyone like to write a three minute speech for me on things that annoy you?

That may sound incredibly cheeky but ive got to do my essay and go too a wedding.I have to write a three minute speech on three things/people that annoy me (a minute each thing)Thanks in advance!

I am a Libertarian and i have to write about it….Help!?

Ok so for my history class we took a quiz and i found out that i am a Libertarian on the political spectrum. Now i have to write an essay on why i am this position and make an analysis on: Social Order, Public Service, and Regulation of the economy. As i take my position […]