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Need essay help! Good writers welcome.?

I have to write a civics essay that’s due tomorrow. The topic I chose is to endorse one of the 2008 candidates. I’m doing my paper on Giuliani. Under the topic is says “focus primarily on their merits as politicians, leaders, and policy makers.” I’m really confused on what this means and how to set […]

What is wrong with this essay? english teachers, writers, anybody help.?

Essay Topic : Briefly discuss one activity or achievement that has had the most meaning to you and why?Well I know there is something wrong with my essay. for one it needs to be 300-500 words, it is only 179! I began to do volunteer work in my early high school years. Working with a […]

Any good essay writers out there? Good Morning…..?

I need someone to help me write 250 words or less of this question: If you could say one thing to the entire world at once, what would it be and why?You wont do all the work, whoever helps. I will tell you what I want to say, then you help me make it sound […]

[not-so-]Random: Writers, how would you handle this situation?

Lets say you’re a published author and you google your book’s title and see a post from a reader on a site like this. The person asking the question wants a full summary of your book, including all the important details. Says school starts in two weeks and she needs to write an essay on […]

Some works of nonfiction examine and discuss a focused topic and include the writer’s personal viewpoints…?

Some works of nonfiction examine and discuss a focused topic and include the writer’s personal viewpoints. This type of nonfiction is known as which of the following?A. speech B. essay C. lyric D. short story User tags:Some works of nonfiction examine and discuss a focused topic and include the writers personal viewpoints This type of […]

How do writers write?

What inspires them to write the way they do? How do they pick a style of writing? What are the most popular writing styles?I’m doing an essay paper on how writers write. I can’t seem to get started, so I’m looking for ideas.Thanks so much!

Can someone help me write a contrast essay on two writers(good and bad writers).?

i have idea it’s just that i can’t really connect them, please it’s for my writing class

Huge writers block on what to write for my essay. If you are familiar with the Great Gatsby please help!?

I am supposed to write about a theme presented in The Great Gatsby. (I can’t use this example) but for example…the theme of “carelessness”What does the novel teach us about carelessness? And then I have to go further by making a universal connection with it.I can’t think of any themes..I’ve been looking online and non […]


so i need an opening sentence for my paper but i have writers block and cant seem to figure out how to introduce my topic.its supposed to be an argument analysis where im analyzing this article: [external link] …the author says that like gay marriage polygamy should be allowed and im supposed to say how […]

Do anyone have an essay on the film Freedom Writers?