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How has values changed over the past years? 5 points!?

does this make sense?Over the past years, values have changed from being polite and modest and caring for others to becoming a lost cause. is the a better or another to write this? changing or switching the words?its really bugging me and i can’t move on my essay till i fix this so yea i […]

NEED HElp.we have a assignment to write a 3 paragraph essay on where we see ourselves in 5 years from now..!?

what should I include. I’m a freshman in High school.

How should I start my persuasive essay on high school should not be extended to five years?

I’m in desperate need for help. Introductory.

What will the world be like in 15 years from now?

HELLPP! i have to write an essay on this topic . I need to know how the world will be like in 15 years from now can u guys give me ideas according to these subjects ?-Technology-Environment -Education-CultureThanks for ur help!

What are some examples within the last 10 years that demonstrates abuse of power?

I need help finding a essay topic ! please help!

I’m reading the book One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Marquez.?

I’m supposed to write a ten page essay about the book. the problem is i dont know what to write about. Could somebody suggest some topics that i could develop in a ten page essay.

Can someone check my answer, where l be in the next 3 years in career.?

Can you please check my essay and correct it if needed. Your opion does count I don’t have a specific plan! I would like t advance to the next level . However, l am flexible and l will do my current job at the best of my ability and keep my eyes open for opportunities […]

Essay topics for AP US History from the years 1763-1800?

In the American Pageant textbook (12th Edition) it’s chapters 7-10. I have an in-class essay and I’m trying to thinks of topics to study for. Have any ideas of what it could be or links?Thanks in advance!

Where do you wanna be 5 years after high school?

I have a project and one of the assignments is a five year goal essay. When you graduated high school what were your five year goals educational and personal.

Is driver training no longer required after you are 17 years old?

I wanted to write a persuasive essay on how driver training should be free(by the DMV or payed for by school) because of the crazy prices they are making people pay for it up to 300$ just to learn how to Drive! My parents used to get it free with their school and I wanted […]