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Essay on some aspect of the Presidential Election that interests you?

What does this mean? My instructor wanted us to write an essay about this but i’m not really sure what it’s trying to say. Help me out?

Would anyone like to write a three minute speech for me on things that annoy you?

That may sound incredibly cheeky but ive got to do my essay and go too a wedding.I have to write a three minute speech on three things/people that annoy me (a minute each thing)Thanks in advance!

If a friend wrote a college essay about you?

how would you feel about that? because i want to write about a particular friend who has made an impact on a certain part of my life. she means a lot to me and i’ve honestly never met anyone like her.

Ok, im doin an essay on why smoking is bad for you, but i also need know good things on smoking.?

i already know , stress reliever, and your less hungry, but i need 1 more thing for for positive things on smoking (which ik that there isnt much)thanx

Good quote regarding how easy it is to judge someone in a different situation than you.?

Writing an Essay about advice to give the President, and I want to start it with how easy it is to say what we would do and criticize, yet, you can never know what you would do if presented with the same situation. Does anyone have any good quotes?

Help with the book “The odyssey” please and thank you!?!?!?!?

I have to write this essay but I need some help first because i’m not completely sure of some things, this story was a bit confusing in some parts.How does the god Poseidon hinder Odysseus’ attempts to reach his home and why?Besides Athena and Poseidon, who is another supernatural character and how does he or […]

How Would You Say Alcohol Helps You Appreciate The World Around You?

So, the real reason for my question is that I found this one dude’s brilliant essay a while back about how alcohol makes you slow down and appreciate the subtle intricacies of life that you might otherwise fly right past (alcohol, in a reasonable degree of moderation, I mean). And I absolutely cannot find it, […]

Can someone help me with this mexico question please and thank you?

I am writing a 5 paragraph essay on mexico, and i got the first 4 paragraphs done, but i need help finishing my last paragraph. Which answers this questionWhat signs of this conquering nation still exist today? (Language? Crops? Cultural influence?) I don’t understand this question and it would be really nice to know some […]

Write an essay about a banana through the five senses as metaphors of you…?

Pleasee helpp! I need ideas!

Help! pls.! im begging you! it’s about essay..’_’ pls.?!?

it’s about the essay “This I Believe” by Albert Einstein-i actually read it for a couple of times, still, i can’t understand it.. im really having headache because i can’t even answer my assignment.. have you read this essay already? wait! pls.. it’s not that i want somebody to answer but i do really can’t […]