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Help with microsoft word 2008?

I wrote an essay for school however the columns are one next to the other. How can I make it so that the essay papers go strait down not side to side?

Does anyone know about the 2008 u.s. regents?

i am taking the the U.S. regents tomorrow and i’m nervous mostly for the thematic essay.has anyone already taken it? if so can you tell me a little about it because its a lot to rememer!

In the beginning of the 2008 film, the dark knight, were those police or citizens dressed up as batman?

im writing the essay in english and i was wondering if they were cops or citizens

Question about Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac?

Ok so I am using Office 2008 for Mac and my teacher told me that my essay needed to have a spacing of 1.5 and 3cm margins. What does that mean?

Help with a political cartoon – 2008 presidential election?

Help with a political cartoon having to do with 2008 presidential election!Can someone please give me a good cartoon [for 8th grade!] and BRIEFLY explain what is means so I can use it to write an essay? Just briefly explain where you got it from [i need the author, employeer and date].Thanks SOOOOOOO much if […]