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Please critique my writing on an interpretation of art that reflects my childhood of emotional abuse?

With this essay, I was to take a piece of art and interpret it in a way that represented my childhood. It is a bit lengthy…just under 1000 words, but opinions are greatly appreciated. It is based on the painting “Vincent’s Chair” by Vincent van Gogh, which you can view through this link [external link] […]

Some quotes about abuse and violence +who said it and where? (meaning in which book please)?

Hey guys. So I’ve been doing research for my essay about abuse and violence, and so far I have provided myself with many quotes. However, I don’t even have the name of the author/poet for most of them and where the author has written that quote. (meaning in which book or story) For instance the […]

Why i want to become a alcohol and substance abuse counselor?

i am trying to become a councelor and i have to write an essay on Why i want to become a alcohol and substance abuse counselor?.. can someone help me please im stuck User tags:I need a thesis statement about being a drug counselor

Does animal testing serve a necessary purpose or is it cruel form of animal abuse?

Most animals do fairly well on multiple choice and true/false objective tests but fail miserable when taking short answer and essay tests. Many experience low self esteem and self worth when they see their test results.

Please give me all the info you can on child abuse laws?

i need to know information on child abuse (long)?okay im doing a persuasive essay on how child abuse laws are ineffective and how there should be more.because just recently ive had a friend thats been suffering from abuse and nobody has really done much..her parents have been beating her because she doesnt want to follow […]

I need help on my senior exit essay on child abuse?

I dont know if my paragraphs are good enough for this or if it makes any sense

What are some examples within the last 10 years that demonstrates abuse of power?

I need help finding a essay topic ! please help!

Doing an essay on child sexual abuse by priests, any suggestions?

First of all… i’m not dependent on this site for answers, just looking for ideas.For my law class i am doing a paper on the topic “Sexual Abuse and Manipulation by Priests”, and i’m looking for the following things: significant events which caused an uproar, what is being done to stop this, etc.I am doing […]

(Other family and relationships) What are the subsequent needs of the effects of child abuse?

I need help with my essay,10 points.

Child abuse campaigns in the 80′s?

this is for my uni essay – anyone know of child abuse campaigns during the 80′s? – my task is to compare them with campaigns from present – Thanks! ps also comparing – road safety- drugs and alcohol abuse