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Need help with a catchy hook for my english 2 advanced essay?

if i want to get into eng 2 adv. next year, i need to apply for it with a 5-7 paragraph essay about why i should be in that class nexyt year. i need a good hook to get the teacher interested right from the beginning. a good quote about going ahead or a good […]

Where and how to learn advanced Korean?

I’m taking lessons on the Korean language, and I do understand that there are many websites and resourced on the Internet that teaches you basic stuff like numbers, alphabets, family members, food etc….But how can I go much,much further and really be extremely proficient in the Korean language?Like in terms of writing essays, reports and […]

Is this a good essay and more advanced words i can put in it?

so were having an essay contest and its supposed to be from the heart and not self centered . it can only be 200 words and mine is exactly 200. its supposed to be advanced bc im in all advanced classes. and please don’t say u don’t believe in advanced classes for 7th graders bc […]

English ADVANCED Essay Help. OTHELLO.?

Weve Been given an essay topic for our Half Yearly.It is in three days, and we were only given in 2 days ago and im stumped how to start it, or what to talk about.TOPIC:Composers ask Questions; They do not give answers.Discuss this statement in relation to the characters of Othello & Iago.In your response […]

What is a good book (or essay) to teach some advanced principals of creative writing?

I agree with the person who mentioned King’s On Writing. Another good one is Francine Prose’s Reading like a Writer.