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The American ideal?

I need help writing an essay on the American ideal but idk what to write….. any ideas? Please help

Is Greed good for the American economy?

I am writing an essay on this and my two points are yes because it has helped the American economy grow and because it follows the goals of Social Darwinism (survival of the fittest). I need a 3rd point. Do you think these two are effective? and also what is a good third point?

Was the Revolutionary War a big part of the path to the American Freedom?

writing an essay 4 skool’ need a lil helpso help me pleaz =]

American Dream essay. Paragraph 2?

In the second paragraph I have to elaborate how African Americans today are different from the Younger family (A Raisin in the Sun). Today there is less segregation but I need a 10 to 12 sentence paragraph for elaboration on the differances. Anyone able to give a little insight and help?

Do any other students feel “used” by American public school education?

It’s not challenging at all, here are some of my experiences:-At my school, Earth Science is a 9th grade class. This is completely illogical. Honestly, 9th grade science class should be Biology or Physics. Biology for obvious reasons – it’s the basic life science. Physics for even more obvious reasons – it’s the basic science […]

ESSAY QUESTION: How is President Bush like the American Idol Contestant Sanjaya?

You have 15 minutes. Go

Compare & Contrast Indian Culture in the 1950′s to American Culture currently?

I’m reading a book called Nectar In a Sieve, and in my essay, its asks if possible, compare and contrast Indian culture to our culture. This book takes place in the 1950s, so I’m assuming we compare and contrast India in the 1950s to our modern time today in America.

What music existed in American before the Slave Trade?

Heya, I’m doing an essay on the history of popular music and where Jazz came from and how european music was all classical. I know that African music apart from the overall sound was virtually Parallel to europe apart from improvisation aspects, but what music existed in america before the slave trade, did they not […]

American Dream Essay?

My teacher gave us an essay on the american dream. Is it still alive or dead? Honestly I have no clue how i can finish my outline because i don’t know what to put on my paper. I have 2 paragraphs so far..

What are some important quotes from the Book Seabiscuit: An American Legend?

I am working on an essay assignment for summer reading. The essay is required to include a quote from the book. The focus of the essay is how Seabiscuit seems to be an “underdog” horse and how he gains fame.