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How come I have to write another five essays for Supplements besides my Common App one?

like what the ****

Research topic for english essay “should the us intervene in another nation’s struggle for democracy?”?

No we shouldn’t. Just tell them I said so.

Another peom to comment on please? im sitll 16 btw…its about writing too? opinions?

Writing is whatsoeverThe friend of a writer is themselvesand their ideas too,along with paper and pen at hand.The mind and the heartcarries the thoughtsand feelingsto the handwhich thenwrites down thetrue intentionsof the deep partsof the soul.I is vast and full of imaginationwith absolutelyno boundarieswhatsoeverWirting is a storyor poem or just an essayI t can show […]

Can you help me find a poet who was influenced/inspired by another poet?

I’m writing an essay and i’m having a bit of trouble starting. I need the name of a poet who was influenced in his/her works by another poet. If you have any ideas or inferences, please let me know. Thanks.

Write essay about a time when you helped another person?

write essay about a time when you helped another person?

Another way to say this?

So I’m doing an essay but I can’t find the right words to describe what the character is going through.I want to say he’s going through the roller coaster of life since he experiences ups and downs but I think that’s a bit overused so what else can I say?Here’s part of it: the main […]

What is another word for express?

I’m writing an essay for english about school uniforms. And i need to say they would help kids express themselves because instead of expressing themselves through clothes they would have to express themselves through words and actions. But i need another word for express, because otherwise I would have to use it like 20 times […]

Need another tittle?

my essay is about a life changing event-me changing from spoiled brat to responsible adult, because i almost died and killed some-i want a clever tittleif you can speak or know Latin whats a saying for “a life changing even”if you don’t know Latin give me the best thing you’ve got

What is the theme of the movie Another Earth? Or how do you determine what the theme of a movie is?

I’m writing an essay on the movie Another Earth for a film assignment. I’m not sure I quite understand how to determine the theme of a movie?

Another way to say ‘takes on his beliefs’?

what is a better way of saying othello ‘takes on’ Iago’s beliefs in an essay