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Is antigone a good role model for women and how?

i need to do an essay and quickly! i need to know how she was a good role modell (from the play) and how she was an early feminist anyone who can help that would be awesome!

Did antigone and polynices have incest?

did antigone and polynices have incest?In the book now it leaves that part out but in the original it talks about antigone burrying her brother and saying all this stuff! I need those lines for an essay and i cannot find them ANYWHERE if anyone has a site where i can find them that wud […]

How should I start this paragraph of my essay on Antigone?

I am writing an essay on the play Antigone. The essay is about power and the differents types of power displayed in the play.One of my paragraphs in the body of my paper I plan on writing about Creon and how he abuses power, and how that affects others. What should I say? Help please.