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Can anybody think of a film that came out after 2000 that is similar to Jerry Maguire or Wizard of Oz?

While I can think of a few films that are similar to them, I need to find one that I can be able to compare it with and write an essay. In the essay, I have to compare either Jerry Maguire or Wizard of Oz with another film and discuss how the newer film has […]

Does anybody know about stats/figures since the Meerkat campaign started?

I’m doing an essay on how it was successful and I need factual evidence obviously to back it upIf you don’t know stats yourself do you know of a website I could go to for this kind of info?Thanks

What is wrong with this essay? english teachers, writers, anybody help.?

Essay Topic : Briefly discuss one activity or achievement that has had the most meaning to you and why?Well I know there is something wrong with my essay. for one it needs to be 300-500 words, it is only 179! I began to do volunteer work in my early high school years. Working with a […]

Can anybody help me with my research entitled “Feminism in Elizabrth Gaskell’s Cranford”?

I want complete essays and articles about that issue.Please help me so quickly as you can coz I have to deliver it after 3 weeks atmost.

Does anyone know of anybody involved in the Japanese Internment?!?

Ok, so for the CANADIAN heritage fair, my essay is on a WOMAN’s perspective on the Japanese Canadian Internment. If anyone knows any story’s about the mistreatment of a Japanese woman BEFORE or AFTER the internment, that would be super helpful! And also, if you don’t mind including the woman’s name, so i could quote […]

Does anybody know of any good metaphors in The Iliad?

im doing an essay and im having trouble finding metaphors in The Iliad. can you give me some and preferably tell me what page, or at least the genral part?

Does anybody remember Captain Underpants?

The author & illustrator is Dav Pilkey. I use to love all this books.I have a project (4 essay paper double spaced) about either:1: evaluating my favorite authors portion of his/her workOR2: Evaluating my favorite illustrators portion of his/her workBut I’ve done researched & couldn’t find anything about his BOOK work & ILLUSTRATIONS. All i […]

Has anybody seen this ad on TV?

I have to write an essay on this ad for class and need to know what channel/station/time this ad was played on TV. I think it aired in 2003. Did anyone happen to catch it when it was running? [external link] !

I am in ROTC and I have to write an essay. Does anybody know what I should write about?

It has to be about: The Importance of initiative as a JROTC Character Guidance Trait and why Cadet Leaders Must Have Initiative. But, I don’t understand what to put..

I’m doing an essay on the Death Penalty. Can anybody help me with some topics related to the Death Penalty?

I’m majoring in Criminal Justice, and I have to do this 10 page essay. But I’m stuck because there is so much information on the death penalty, can anybody give me feedback on the subject?